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This discussion forum, unlike others on the Internet, will not accept people registering under pseudonyms. This is a forum for the scholarly discussion of alchemy, and no one need hide behind pseudonyms.

You can only register by emailing Adam McLean You cannot register directly through the Forum as that feature has been locked out.    You have to provide me with the following information : -

Your real name and some way in which I can check this.
Your main email address. This will not be made available on the Forum, though you can opt to place this in your profile.

If you are unknown to me, please provide me with some information about articles or books you have published, your scholarly accreditation, or some links to material you have contributed to a web site. If you are well known to someone on this forum then please ask them to endorse you.

You do not need to register if you wish only to read the postings. Registration gives one the right to post topics and  reply to messages.

Myself, as administrator of this forum, am well known though my public work with alchemy for well over thirty years. I have run alchemy discussion groups on the Internet since 1996, so I have twelve years of experience doing this. It is easy to research who I am, and find information about me from many different people. I am entirely open about my work. My aim in establishing this forum is to try and forward the appreciation and scholarly study of alchemy. 

Adam McLean

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