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Penny Bayer has kindly sent me a list of her articles
on the theme of women alchemists.

Unpublished PhD, "Women's alchemical literature in Italy, France, the
Swiss Cantons, and England, 1560-1616, and its diffusion to 1660"
(University of Warwick, 2003).

“Jeanne du Port, alchemist daughter of Joseph du Chesne”, Rosenholmeren:
Notiitser og Meddelelser fra Renaessancestudier ved Aarhus Universitet,
No. 6/7, (October 1999) pp. 1-4.

"Alchemy and female culture 1560-1616", Proceedings of the Graduate
Conference, (Centre for British and Comparative Cultural Studies,
University of Warwick, 2001).

"Lady Margaret Clifford's Alchemical Receipt Book and the John Dee
Circle", Ambix, November 2005, pp. 271-284. [Essay was based on a paper
given to Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry at a symposium
on John Dee and Alchemy on 28 May 2005, Birkbeck College, London].

"From kitchen hearth to learned Paracelsianism: women's alchemical
activities in the Renaissance", in "Mystical Metal of Gold": Essays on
Alchemy and Renaissance Culture, ed. by Stanton Linden (Brooklyn, NY: AMS
Press, 2007) pp.365-386.

‘Madame de la Martinville, Quercitans Daughter and the Philosopher’s
Stone: manuscript representations of women alchemists’, in Gender and
Scientific Discouse in Early Modern Culture ed. by Kathleen Perry Long,
(Ashgate, 2010) pp.165-190.

Alan Pritchard

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Dear Adam,

Do you have a contact address for Penny Bayer. The BL EThOS service has the following note:

"Although University of Warwick participates in EThOS, this thesis cannot be supplied from the EThOS service. The reason given by the institution is: uni unable to locate author for permission."

It would be really good if she could contact Warwick & give her permission


Penny Bayer

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Dear Alan
This message has just come to my attention. I have now emailed the Library at Warwick giving my permission as requested.

Penny Bayer

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This is the online address to access the Warwick thesis: Penny Bayer

Alexander Guthrie Stewart

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Thanks a lot for the Thesis!

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