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Alan Pritchard

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There seems to be some confusion over the author of "Sal, lumen & spiritus mundi, and I wonder what the current thinking is.

Ferguson (ii, 148) says that Jacques Nuysement should not be confounded with Clovis Hesteau de Nuysement.

Ferguson list two other works: Poeme Philosophic de la verite de la physique mineralle, and Tractatus de vero sal secreto philosophorum (the original of the English book)

Most other lists seem to be make the two the same (see e.g. or

Is this a case where Ferguson was wrong?

Paul Ferguson

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Newman and Grafton, in this footnote 214:

seem quite adamant that Jacques never existed (except in the Lieutenant Kijé sense). The Wallace Kirsop thesis to which they refer was:

"Clovis Hesteau, sieur de Nuysement, et la littérature alchimique de la fin du XVIe siècle et du début du XVIIe siècle"

Never published alas, but described elsewhere as 'remarquable'. The BN has a copy, I assume in typescript.

I would imagine that Didier Kahn would be able to assist.

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