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Alchemy conference in Budapest July 2010
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 Posted: Mon Jun 7th, 2010 06:10 pm
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On the Fringes of Alchemy

Central European University
Medieval Studies Department
H-1051 Budapest
Nádor u. 9.
Room 409
4th floor, Faculty Tower

Dóra Bobory

9:00: Registration, coffee & tea
Session One
Chair:    John Norris (Prague/Luxembourg)
9:30    Aksel Haaning (Roskilde)
Alchemy, the Bible and philosophy in late medieval monastic culture
9:50    Graziana Ciola (Pavia)
Between alchemy and prophecy: Johannes de Rupescissa
10:10    Gabriele Ferrario (Cambridge)
The poetry of alchemy, the alchemy of poetry: preliminary notes on the Shudhur al-Dhahab, Ibn Arfa’ Ra’s alchemical poem
10:30    Discussion
11:00    Coffee break

Session Two
Chair:    Aksel Haaning (Roskilde)
11:30    Ana-Maria Gruia (Cluj-Napoca)
Alchemical representations on medieval stove tiles
11:50    Berit Wagner (Frankfurt)
Painting–printing–writing: what early modern painters and their patrons expect from alchemy
12:10    Ilona Fekete (Oxford/Budapest)
The hidden places of nature: Johann David Ruland’s pharmacy of filth
12:30    Discussion
13:00    Lunch break

Session Three
Chair:    Rudolf Werner Soukup (Vienna)
15:00    Jennifer M. Rampling (Cambridge)
Transmission and transmutation: English alchemy in the Holy Roman Empire
15:20    Hermann Stockinger (Vienna)
Alchemica in the monastery of Schlierbach (Upper Austria)
15:40    Émilie Granjon (Louvain-la-Neuve)
Investigating the alchemical dimension in the Physicae et theologicae conclusiones of Otto Vaenius (1621)
16:00    Discussion
19:00    Workshop dinner


Session Four
Chair:    Rafał Prinke (Poznań)
9:00    Rudolf Werner Soukup (Vienna)
Mercurius Solis: hunting a mysterious alchemical substance
9:20    John Norris (Prague/Luxembourg)
Hungarian vitriol: a brief survey from the chymical literature of the 16th-18th centuries
9:40    Dóra Bobory (Budapest)
New alchemical methods offered by Italian mining experts in sixteenth-century Hungary
10:00    Discussion
10:30    Coffee break

Session Five
Chair:    Carl-Michael Edenborg
11:00    Susanna Åkerman (Stockholm)
Sendivogius in Sweden: Johannes Franck’s Colloquium with mountain gods, 1651
11:20    Christer Böke (Stockholm)
The alchemy of Otto Arnold Paykull
11:40    Håkan Håkansson (Lund)
Alchemy of the ancient Goths: Johannes Buraeus’ search for the lost wisdom of Scandinavia
12:00    Discussion
12:30    Workshop lunch

Session Six
Chair:    Susanna Åkerman
15:00    Rafał Prinke (Poznań)
Antemurale alchimiae: patrons, readers, and practitioners of alchemy in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
15:20    Ayten Koç Aydın (Istanbul)
Iatrochemistry in the eighteenth-century Ottoman Empire
15:40    Snježana Paušek Baždar (Zagreb)
The alchemical poem of Daniel Justinopolitanus
16:00    Carl-Michael Edenborg (Stockholm)
Silence is golden: the expulsion of alchemy from the public sphere in the 1790s
16:20    Discussion

SUNDAY, 11 JULY 2010
Optional programs

Carl Lavoie

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 Posted: Mon Jun 7th, 2010 07:40 pm
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Great line-up, sound very interesting (although I wouldn’t have put Ilona Fekete’s lecture just before lunch).

Do you know, Adam, if they plan to put in print an "Actes du Colloque", a selection of some of the presentations to be made at the conference?



Nevermind :

Furthermore, to make the new results accessible to a wider audience, we are planning to publish the best, and possibly all, papers of the workshop in a collected volume in English.

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