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Does anyone know the meaning of the word "Dampra", that  appears in the title of a book by Paracelsus:

Fasciculus Paracelsicae medicinae veteris et non novae, per flosculos chimicos et medicos tanquam in compendiosum promptuarium collectus: in quo de vita, morte, et resuscitatione rerum, de tuenda et conservanda sanitate, nec non expellendo morbo per instaurationem virium naturalium, de praeparationibus medicamentorum ..., item, de generatione Homunculi pygmei, ex *Dampra* nutrimenti sanguinis ; cum elucidationibus huius, aliorumque ... locorum ... Francofurti ad Moenum. Feyerabendt. 1581.

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Thomas Erastus, in his anti-Paracelsian 'Disputationum de nova Philippi Paracelsi medicina', says:

'Dampra in cucurbita conclusa vel lutata in equino ventre per dies quinquaginta putrefactione summa putrefiat, dum moveatur.'

'Let the dampra putrefy in a stopped or luted cucurbit in the horse's belly for 50 days with the highest putrefaction until it is agitated.'

The dampra would therefore seem to be the 'white juice' referred to by John French in his description of the process:

'Take the best wheat and the best wine, of each a like quantity. Put them into a glass which you must hermetically seal. Then let them putrefy in horse dung three days, or until the wheat begins to germinate or to sprout forth, which then must be taken forth and bruised in a mortar and be pressed through a linen cloth. There will come forth a white juice like milk. You must cast away the feces. Let this juice be put into a glass which must not be above half full. Stop it close and set it in horse dung as before for the space of fifty days. If the heat be temperate, and not exceeding the natural heat of man, the matter will be turned into a spagyrical blood and flesh, like an embryo. This is the principal and next matter out of which is generated a two-fold sperm, viz., of the father and mother generating the homunculus, without which there can be made no generation, whether human or animal.'

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