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Alchemy discussion forum > Request for information > Help required > Valentin Weigel's 'Astrology Theologised' ?

Valentin Weigel's 'Astrology Theologised' ?
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 Posted: Thu Jul 16th, 2009 10:35 am
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The English edition of  Astrology Theologised was issued by the printer George Whittington, in London, in 1649. The authorship was assigned to Valentin Weigel. There does not appear to be  a previous German or Latin edition.

Is this work correctly assigned to Weigel ? Does it appear under another title or as a component part of one of his works ?

Alan Pritchard

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 Posted: Thu Jul 16th, 2009 11:40 am
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Certainly assigned to Wiegel by most. ESTC does so, and makes the note "German or Latin original, if any, not traced"

However Rufus Jones in his 'Spiritual reformers in the 16th & 17th centuries' when discussing Weigel (Chapter VIII) on page 148, says "This chapter cannot come to a proper close without some consideration of a Weigelean book which was translated into English in 1649, under the title, "Astrologie Theologized": That the Inward man by the Light
of Grace, through possession and practice of a holy life, is to be acknowledged and live in us: which is the only means to keep the true Sabbath in inward holinesse." {149} The anonymous translator ascribes the book to Weigel. It is, in fact. Part Two of [Greek] _Gnothi Seauton_, but it is uncertain whether it was written by Weigel himself.
But whether written by Weigel or later by one of his school, it is a good illustration of the way in which mystically inclined Christians of that period endeavoured to make spiritual conquest of the prevailing Astrology and, through its help, to discover the nature of the inner,
hidden universe."

There is, apparently, a new edition of his works from the Akademie der Wissenschaften (Mainz), edited by Horst Pfefferl. Volume 3 is Gnothi Seauton.

Paul Ferguson

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 Posted: Thu Jul 16th, 2009 11:52 am
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This (very useful) site:

says it's a translation of "Astrologia Theologizata, Auff den Andern Theil des Menschen die Seel nemblichen" ("Newenstatt" i.e. Halle, Joachim Krusicke, 1618).

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Leigh Penman

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 Posted: Wed Jul 22nd, 2009 10:41 am
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The 'Astrologia Theologizata' is pseudo-Weigelian.

The text was actually first printed anonymously in 1617 under the title:

Astrologia Theologizata, Hoc Est: Quod Externus Homo Cum Omnibus Operibus, Quantumvis lumine naturae in omni scientiarum genere splendidus, deponi, abnegari & plane emori: Internus Autem Per Lumen Gratiae Assumi, Confessione & vita praedicari, & soli Deo ad regni coelestis haereditatem capiendam vivere debeat. (Frankfurt: Johann Bringer 1617).

As Paul has already pointed out, the following year a German translation was printed under Weigel's name as the "second part" of the Gnothi Seauton, by a printer attempting to squeeze money out of the increasingly popular Weigel 'brand'. It was printed with the fictional address 'Newenstatt' by the equally fictional printer 'Joachim Krusicke.'

I have examined the original print in question, and I would question the attribution of the printing to Christoph Bissmark in Halle; it is more likely to have been printed in Magdeburg by Johann Francke.

There is also no manuscript tradition associated with this text before c.1620, that is to say, well after Weigel's 1588 death!

Horst Pfefferl has written at length about this particular text in his dissertation concerning Weigeliana and Pseudo-Weigeliana. In short, there is absolutely no possibility that Weigel wrote the text.

Carl Lavoie

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 Posted: Wed Jul 29th, 2009 05:53 am
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Some earlier historians too had clear-cut views on the authorship of this text. In A. Koyré, Mystiques, spirituels, alchimistes du XVIe siècle allemand, Paris, 1971, p. 132 :

« Selon  Israël, l’Astrologia theologizata est un faux. »

[A. Israel, Valentin Weigels Leben und Schriften, Zschoppau, 1888, p.27]


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