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"In 1382, Ramon de Perillos purchased a collection of documents. A recent analysis of the material has revealed that the majority of these writings had alchemy as their subject. It opens remarkable avenues of thought. One is that his later voyage to Ireland [for St. Patrick's Purgatory] may not so much be a pilgrimage, but rather an initiation...

"The document that was studied by Pierre Ponsich is an act signed on January 26, 1382, in Perpignan, at the home of Guillem Bernard, a lawyer in Perpignan. The witnesses were Francesch de Tregura, Father Itzina, Bernat de Ribesaltes and Guillem Bernat."

Pierre Ponsich was a distinguished local historian from Perpignan educated at the Sorbonne. I cannot locate the article referred to.

For more about Ramon de Perillos, see:ós

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