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I understand the Danish alchemist Erik Rosenkrantz (1612-1681) of Rosenholm Castle (pictured below) was discussed in Adam's Alchemy Academy some years back. There is an article in Danish by Knud Holm entitled "Alkymisten på Rosenholm".

"This article describes the early history of distillation following a line to the beginning of last century. It describes a find of 17th (possibly 16th) century glass distillation equipment taken from the moat of the castle Rosenholm in Denmark. It also describes the intellectual milieu of Rosenholm and the personality of Erik Rosenkrantz to whose laboratory these glass remnants may be ascribed. The article is illustrated not only by the Rosenholm find but also with diverse illustrations from older literature."

Rosenkrantz studied at Oxford from 1629-31 and Leyden from 1631-34:

Rosenkrantz is also mentioned in the Postscript to a short book by the modern Danish woman alchemist "Merèlle" entitled "Alkymiens Mysterier" which, amongst a great deal of nonsense about Flamel and Fulcanelli, also contains some interesting speculation about a possible chemical basis for alchemical transmutation. Merèlle's book is available in English translation as a free download from here:

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