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Journal for the History of Arabic Science
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 Posted: Tue May 20th, 2008 06:17 pm
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While searching for a book by Professor al-Hassan, I happened upon this Journal published in Syria, which I had not heard of before. The entry gave an abbreviated table of contents, many of which are on mathematics and astronomy, but there are some articles relevant to alchemy. It would be interesting to see a complete list of the articles.


Journal For The History of Arabic Science.



Book Description: Institute for the History of Arabic Science, Aleppo, 1977. 13 fascicules, University of Aleppo;1977-1991-1994-1997-2001-2005.

Contents: The Liber Universus of Umar Ibn al-Forrukhan al-Tabari. E.S. Kennedy: The Astronomical Tables of Ibn al-Alam. George Saliba: Computational Techniques in a Set of Late Medieval Astronomical Tables. D. Hill: A Treatise on Machines, by Ibn Muadh Abu Abd Allah al-Jayyani. A. Y. Al-Hassan: A Compendium on the Theory and Practice of the Mechanical Arts, by al-Jazari. P. Johnstone: Aconite and Its Antidote in Arabic Writings. S. K. Hamarneh: Arabic Manuscripts of the National Librery of Medicine. L. Janin & D. A. King: Ibn al-Shatir's Sanduq al Yawaqi: An Astronomical "Compendium". Muamar Dizer: da'irat al-Mu'addal in the Kandilli Observatory. P. Kunitzsch: On the Medieval Arabic knowledge of the Star Alpha Eridani. J. M. Samso: A Homocentric Solar Model by Abu Ja'far al-Khazin. A. M. Hassani: The Appearance of Scientific Naturalism in the Arab World. Sami K. Hamarneh: Sarton (1884-1956) and the Arabic-Islamic Legacy. A. Ambouba: Construction of the Regular Heptagon by Middle eastern Geometers of the Fourth (Hijra) Century. G. Endress: the Debate between Arabic Grammar and Greak Logic in Classical Islamic Thought. J. Piaskowski: Metallographie examinations of two blades made of damascene steel. A. Y. al-Hassan: Iron and steel technology n medieval Arabic sources. G. Saliba: The planetary tables of Cyriacus. A. Anbouba: Acquisition de l'algèbre par les Arabes et premeirs developpements. U. Wiesser: Hellenistiche Offenbarungsmotive und das Buch Geheimnis der Schöpfung. M.T. Debarnot: Introduction du triangle polaire par Abu nasr b. Iraq. J. L. Berggren: A coincidence of Pappos' Book VIII with al-Biruni's tahdid. R. rashed: Un problème arithmético-géometrique de Sharaf al-Din al-Tusi. Adel Anbouba: construction de l'heptagone régulier par les Arabes au IVè siècle. G. Karmi: A Medieval Compendium of Arabic Medicine: Abu sahl al-Masihi's "Book of the Hundred". Donald Hill: Notice of an Important al-Jazari Manuscript. David Pingree: Islamic Astronomy in Sanskrit. L. Janin, et D. King: Le Cadran Solaire de la Mosquée d'Ibn Tulun au Caire. G. Saliba: The Original Source of Qutb al-Din al-Shirazi's Planetary Model. E.S. Kennedy & Mustafa Mawaldi: Abu al-Wafa and the Heron Theorems. B. R. Goldstein: The Survival of Arabic astronomy in Hebrew. S. Hossein Nasr: Islamic Alchemy and the Birth of Chemistry; R. E. Hall: A Decisive Example of the Influence of Psychological Doctrines in Islamic Science and culture: Some relationships between Ibn Sina's Psychology, Other Branches of his Thought, and Islamic Teachings. J. Samso: Moslama al-Miajrti and the Alphonsine Book on the Construction of the Astrolabe. U. Weisser: The Embryology of Yuhanna ibn Masawaih. R. Wieber: Uberlegungen zur Herstellung eines Seekartogramms anhand der Angaben in den arabischen Nautikertexten. D. E. King & E.S. Kennedy: Ibn al-Majdi's Tables for Calculating Ephemerides. J.L. Berggren: A Comparison of Four Analemmas for determining the Azimuth of the Qibla. M. E. Marmura: Avicenna on the Division of the sciences in the Isagoge of his Shifa'. R. Lorch: The Qibla-Table Attributed to al-Khazini. R. Lorch: Al-Khazini's "Sphere That Rotates by Itself". R. Morelon: Fragment arabe du premier livre du "Phaseis" de Ptolémée. J.L. Berggren: An anonymous Treatise on the Regular Nonagon. D.A. King: The Origin of the Astrolabe According to the Medieval Arabic Sources. E.S.Kennedy & D.A. King: Indian Astronomy in Fourteenth Century Fez; the Versified Zij of al-Qusuntini. J.L. Berggren: Al-Biruni on Plane Maps of the Sphere. L. Richter-Bernburg: "Al-Biruni Maquala fi tastih al-suwar wa-tabtikh al-kuwar". R. Lorch: Nasr b. Abdallah's Instrument for Finding the Qibla. A.G. Debus: the "Geber" Tradition in Western Alchemy and Chemistry. V.N. Sharma: Muslim Astronomers at Jai Singh's court. E.M. Bruins: Ptolemaic and islamic trigonometry. The Problem of the Qibla.


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Alan Pritchard

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 Posted: Thu May 22nd, 2008 06:43 pm
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I have 2 additional articles that do not appear in that list:

1. Foley, Vernard and Keith Perry.
In defense of “Liber igneum”: Arab alchemy, Roger Bacon, and the introduction of gunpowder into the West. J Hist Arabic Sci 3 1979, 200-218.

2. Hassan, Ahmad Y. al-. The Arabic origin of Jabir’s Latin works. J Hist Arabic Sci 10(1-12) Jan 1992, 5-11.

Also more details on the other two:

1. Debus, Allen George. The ‘Geber’ tradition in Western alchemy and chemistry. J Hist Arabic Sci 8 1984, 3-29.

2. Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. Islamic alchemy and the birth of chemistry. J Hist Arabic Sci 3 1979, 40-45.

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