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Does anyone have any information about the authenticity of the collected works of George Ripley, issued in Latin in the middle of the 17th century, some 150 years after his death? These seem to differ somwhat in style from his well known work the Compound of alchemy.

Opera omnia chemica, quotquot hactenus visa sunt, quorum aliqua jam primum in lucem prodeunt, aliqua MS. exemplarium collatione à mendis & lacunis repurgata, atque integrati restitua sunt... [With a preface by Ludovicus Combach.]
Cassel. 1649.

Liber de mercurio et lapide philosophorum.
Philorcium Alchymistarum.
The Clavis Aurea Portae.
The Pupilla Alchimae.
The Terra Terrae philosophiae.
Concordantia Raymundi Lullii et Guidonis philosophi Graeci.
The Viaticum seu varia practica.
The Accurtations et practicae Raymundinae. Chymical processes.

Has any scholar looked at these and come to some conclusion about whether they are pseudonymous, or more likely to have been written by Ripley himself?  Does a good sequence of manuscripts of any of these writings take us back close to Ripley's time, say early 16th century ?

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