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Some new books & articles
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Alan Pritchard

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 Posted: Wed Apr 30th, 2008 07:16 pm
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A selection of new (to the bibliography) books and articles. I have tried to select serious & academic material. For the complete list (many with contents, abstracts, etc) see

I got up to London the other week & spent time going through issues of Cauda Pavonis (which accounts for a lot of the early material)

 Kassell, Lauren T. Reading for the philosophers' stone. In: Books and the sciences in history., eds. Marina Frasca- Spada and Nick Jardine. (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ P, 2000)
Schroeder, John. Dr. Bacstrom and the Tabula Smaragdina. Cauda Pavonis [ns] 3(1) Spring 1984, 1-2

Means, Laurel. Old and Middle English utilitarian writings: astrology, astronomy, charms, geomancy, alchemy. In: Medieval England: a dictionary. , 1999)

The Method and materials pointed at, comprising the Sophick Mercury and Transmuting Elixir, in plain terms, free from all enigma's; the like never before emitted to the world; edited by Leszek Kobiernicki. Cauda Pavonis [ns] 2(2) Fall 1984, 1-2.

Caesar vive!: Prague 1609 - music for Emperor Rudolf II
. Fraternitas Litteratorum SU 3898-2. Prague: Supraphon, 2007.

Sahlberg, Oskar N. The alchemist's love story: the creation of the homunculus - growth and birth of the self. In: Proc 12th International Conference on Literature and Psychology. 65-68.[].

Halleux, Robert. Alchemy. In: The Oxford classical dictionary, eds. S. Hornblower and A. Spawforth, 3rd rev. ed. ed. (Oxford, New York: OUP, 2003), 52-53.

Merchant, Carolyn. The vitalism of Anne Conway: its impact on Leibniz' concept of the Monad. J Hist Philos Jul 1979.

Szonyi, György Endre. John Dee: an Elizabethan magus and his links with central Europe. Hungarian Studs Engl 13 1980, 71-85.

Huffman, William H. Robert Fludd: the end of an era. PhD thesis. Univ of Missouri - Columbia, 1977

Quen, Jacques M. Dr. Eneas Munson (1734-1826). J Hist Med Allied Sci 31 1976, 307-319.

Guinsberg, Arlene Miller. Paracelsian magic and theology: a case study of the Matthew commentaries. Medizinhist J 16 1981.

Encyclopedia Judaica
. Jerusalem: Keter Publ House. S.v. "Knorr von Rosenroth," by Gershom Gerhard Scholem.

Szonyi, György Endre. Recent studies of Renaissance Hermeticism in Hungary and Poland. IRIS Newsl 5(3) 1984, 9-14.

Nicolson, Marjorie Hope. The real scholar gipsy. Yale Rev Jan 1929, 347-363.

Sheppard, Harry J. A definition of alchemy. In: Science in Europe 1500-1800. Volume 2. Open Universiry, 1991),.

Corning Museum of Glass presents 'Glass of the Alchemists'. [].

Klickstein, Herbert S. and Henry M. Leicester.  Philately - a chapter in the history of chemistry. J Hist Med Allied Sci 3 1947, 337-378.

St Armand, Barton Levi. S. Foster Damon: demonologist. Mich Q Rev 16(3) Summer 1977, 308-322.

St Armand, Barton Levi. [S. Foster Damon]. Cauda Pavonis [ns] 5(2) Fall 1986, 1.

Warlick, M.E. The domestic alchemist: women as housewives in alchemical emblems. In: Emblems and alchemy, eds. Alison Adams and Stanton J. Linden. (Glasgow: Department of French, Univ of Glasgow, 1998), 25-47.

Willard, Thomas Spaulding. The Rosicrucian manifestos in Britain. PBSA 77 1983.

Burnett, C. The establishment of medieval Hermeticism. In: The medieval world, eds. P. Linehan and J.L. Nelson. (London, New York: . , 2001), 111-130.

Strauss, David Levi. Green Hermeticism: David Levi Strauss in conversation with Peter Lamborn Wilson and Christopher Bamford. Brooklyn Rail Dec 2007/Jan 2008. [].

Wilson, Peter Lamborn, Christopher Bamford and Kevin Townley. Green Hermeticism: alchemy and ecology; Peter Lamborn Wilson, Christopher Bamford, Kevin Townley; introduction by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan ; edited by Christopher Bamford. Great Barrington (MA): Lindisfarne Books, 2007. xiv, 206p. Includes bibliographical references (p. [203]-206). ISBN: 1584200499.

Rossi, Paolo L. Logic and the art of memory: the quest for a universal language; translated with an introduction by Stephen Clucas. Chicago (IL): Univ of Chicago P, 2000. xxviii, 333p. Includes bibliographical references (p. [239]-320) and index. ISBN: 0226728269.

Jacob, Margaret C. Science and origins of Western cosmopolitanism. Los Angeles (CA): Univ of California, Los Angeles, 2008.

Kauffman, George B. A chemical history tour: picturing chemistry from alchemy to modern molecular science. New York: Wiley, 2000. xviii, 312p. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN: 0471354082.

Douglas, Claire. The historical context of analytical psychology. In: The Cambridge companion to Jung, eds. Polly Young- Eisendrath and Terence Dawson. (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ P, 1997), 17-34.

Hauke, Christopher. The phallus, alchemy and Christ: Jungian analysis and the sublime. In: On the sublime: in psychoanalysis, archetypal psychology and psychotherapy, ed. Petruska Clarkson. (Philadelphia (PA): Whurr Publ, 1997), 123-144.
Hillman, James. Salt: a chapter in alchemical psychology. In: Images of the untouched, eds. Joanne Stroud and Gail Thomas. (Dallas (TX): Spring Publ, 1982), 111-137.

Romanyshyn, Robert D. Alchemy and the subtle body of metaphor: Soul and cosmos. In: Pathways into the Jungian world: phenomenology and analytical psychology, ed. Roger Brooke. Routledge, 1999),.

Politella, Joseph. Platonism, Aristotelianism, and Cabalism in the philsophy of Leibniz.
PhD thesis. Philadelphia:. 1938.

Albrecht, Roberta. Addressing fear and grief: Llullian mnemotechnics and alchemico-Lullian signs in Donne's sermon(s) for the Churching of the Countess of Bridgewater. Catalan Rev 20(1) 2006, 9-37.

Webster, Charles. Utopian planning and the Puritan Revolution: Gabriel Plattes, Samuel Hartlib and "Macaria". Oxford: Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, 1979. [5], 89p. Includes bibliographies. ISBN: 0-906844-01-0.

Katz, David S. Philo-semitism and the readmission of the Jews to England, 1603-1655. Oxford; New York: Clarendon P; OUP, 1982. viii, 286p. Bibliography: p. [245]-271. ISBN: 0198218850.

Versluis, Arthur, Lee Irwin, John Richards and Melinda Weinstein, eds. Esotericism, art, and imagination. Michigan State Univ P, 2008.

Adcock, Craig E. Marcel Duchamp's notes from the Large glass : an n-dimensional analysis.  PhD thesis. Cornell Univ, 1981.

Adcock, Craig E. Marcel Duchamp's notes from the Large glass : an n-dimensional analysis. Ann Arbor (MI): UMI Research P, 1983. xxiv, 406 p. Bibliography: p. [393]-399. ISBN: 0835714543.

Dixon, Laurinda S. [Article on Bosch]. Art Bull 63 Mar 1981, 96-113.

Macpherson, Jay. The spirit of solitude: conventions and continuities in late romance. New Haven (CT): Yale Univ P, 1982. xv, 349p. Bibliography: p. 325-331. ISBN: 0300026323. Chapter 10 "The Alchemist" discusses dozens of "alchemical fictions" from Godwin's St Leon (1799) to Sidomak's Donovan's Brain (1942).

Kerr, Megan. Hypertext, alchemy and postmodernism. [].

Kerr, Megan. Who are we now? Hypertext fiction & western world views. [].

McCarthy, Cameron. The Palace of the Peacock: Wilson Harris and the curriculum in troubled times. [].

Schuler, Robert Michael. Alchemy. In: Spenser encyclopedia. .

Rudrum, Alan. Henry Vaughan and the Hermetic philosophy.  PhD thesis.

Landau, James. A vindication of the rights of the dead: Mary Wollstonecraft, alchemy and the crypt of Frankenstein. eSharp 3 Autumn 2004. [].

Gardiner, Philip. The Bond code. New Page Books, 2008.
“The words and concepts may sound strange to the reader, such as alchemy and gnosis, but in this book we will reveal their truths in a simple and step by step approach. In fact, the codes within will even make people radically reappraise books such as the Da Vinci Code".

Burnham, Donald L. Strindberg's alchemy: a pathway to recovery. In: Psychoanalysis and psychosis, ed. Ann-Louise S. Silver. (Madison (WI): Internat Univ P, 1989), 417-441.

Starkie, Enid. Arthur Rimbaud. London: Hamilton, 1947. 464p.

Hayes, T. Wilson. Winstanley the Digger: a literary analysis of radical ideas in the English Revolution. Cambridge (MA): Harvard Univ P, 1979. 258p.

Dumas, Alexandre. "The alchemist"; with an original third act by Henry Bertram Lister. La Boheme Club, 1940. 42p.

Rogers, Steven. The Great Work. San Jose (CA), New York, etc: Writers Club P, 2000. ISBN: 059513470X.

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