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Selection of books & articles
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Alan Pritchard

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 Posted: Thu Apr 3rd, 2008 05:58 pm
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Full list of 265 itmes (+ abstracts etc) at

I've tried to include a selecton of items of a more academic nature.

 Ryan, William F. The Old Russian version of the pseudo-Aristotelian Secretum secretorum. Slavonic East European Rev 56(2) 1978, 242-260.
 Cannella, Anne-Françoise. Alchemical iconography at the dawn of the modern age: the Splendor Solis of Salomon Trismosin. In: The power of images in early modern science, eds. Wolfgang Lefèvre, Jürgen Renn and Urs Schoepflin. (Basel, Boston, Berlin: Birkhäuser Verlag, 2003).
 O'Hara, Jacqueline Ann. 'Les OEuvres Sainctes' of Jean Auvray: A critical edition and an alchemical study.
PhD thesis. Univ of Minnesota, 1980, 328p. DA number: AAC 8109487.
Ko Hung. The Taoist vision of physical immortality: a study of Ko Hung's Pao P'u Tzu; by Lai Chi Tim.
PhD thesis. Chicago (IL): Univ of Chicago, 1995.
O'Connor, Kathleen Malone. The alchemical creation of life (Takwin) and other concepts of genesis in medieval Islam.
PhD thesis. Univ of Pennsylvania, 1994, 435p. DA number: AAC 9503804.
Uebersax, John. On the relevance of alchemical literature for a systems theory approach to depth psychology. []. 2006.
Theisen, Wilfrid. The attraction of alchemy for monks and friars in the 13th-14th centuries. Amer Benedictine Rev 46(3) 1995, 239-253.
Voisenat. Claude. Stills, spirits and bodies: a story of distillation. French Cult Studs 6 1995, 313-333.
Latto, Jeff. The idea of transmutation in the theatre of Giulio Camillo.
MA thesis. McGill Univ, 1991, 100p. DA number: AAC MM74631.
Montiel, Luis. The Symbolism of Dream (1814) by Gotthilf Heinrich von Schubert: another link in the Aurea Catena; edited by M.D. Beer. Hist Psychiat 6 1995, 521-532.
Edinger, Edward F. Alchemy as a psychological process. Quadrant (2) Autumn 1968
Edinger, Edward F. Psychotherapy and alchemy. I. Introduction. Quadrant 11(1) Summer 1978.
Edinger, Edward F. Psychotherapy and alchemy. II. Calcinatio. Quadrant 11(1) Summer 1978.
Edinger, Edward F. Psychotherapy and alchemy. III. Solutio. Quadrant 11(2) Winter 1978.
Edinger, Edward F. Psychotherapy and alchemy. IV. Coagulatio. Quadrant 12(1) Summer 1979.
Edinger, Edward F. Psychotherapy and alchemy. V. Sublimatio. Quadrant 13(1) Sprint 1980.
Edinger, Edward F. Psychotherapy and alchemy. VI. Mortificatio. Quadrant 14(1) Spring 1981.
Edinger, Edward F. Psychotherapy and alchemy. VII. Separatio. Quadrant 14(2) Fall 1981.
Edinger, Edward F. Psychotherapy and alchemy. VIII: Coniunctio. Quadrant 15(1) Spring 1982.
Franz, Marie-Louise von. Psyche and matter in alchemy and modern science. Quadrant 8(1) Spring 1975.
Holt, David. Jung and Marx: alchemy, Christianity, and the work against Nature. [].
14p. Lecture given at the Royal Society of Medicine, London, on 21st November, 1974,
Walton, Michael Thomson. Genesis and the chemical philosophy: true Christian science in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Brooklyn (NY): AMS Press, due 2008. ISBN: 0-404-62345-X.
Blumenthal, Harriet Spanierman. A critical, old-spelling edition of Samuel Pordage's 'Mundorum explicatio'.
PhD thesis. Tulane Univ, 1987, 928p. DA number: AAC 8811292.
Battistini, Matilde. Astrology, magic, and alchemy in art; translated by Rosanna M. Giammanco Frongia. Los Angeles (CA): Getty Publns, 2007. 384p. ISBN: 9780892369072.
Battistini, Matilde. Symbols and allegories in art; translated by Stephen Sartarelli. Los Angeles (CA): Getty Publns, 2005. 384p.
Kenny, Neil Francis. Philosophical fictions and the French Renaissance. London: Warburg Institute, 1991. 137p. ISBN: 085481079X.
Lacovia, R.M. Migration and transmutation in the novels of McKay, Marshall, and Clarke. J Black Studs 7(4) Jun 1997, 437-454
Sharrad, Paul. The art of memory and the liberation of history: Wilson Harris's witnessing of time. J Commonwealth Lit 27 1992, 110-127


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 Posted: Thu Apr 3rd, 2008 06:37 pm
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Thanks for posting the list. 

I was a bit intrigued by   The Power of Images in Early Modern Sciences (ISBN: 9783764324346)
W. Lefevre, J. Renn, Schoepflin. U.  Birkhäuser, 2003. Kartoniert/Broschiert.  320pp. English.

The book is dedicated to the role of visual representations in the early modern period. It brings together historical case studies from various fields and discusses epistemological questions such as the role of images as mediatory instances between practical and theoretical knowledge, the interaction between images and texts, and the potential of images to synthesize fragments of knowledge to a global picture.

TOC:The Challenging Images of Artillery: Practical Knowledge at the Roots of the Scientific Revolution.- Ships, Science and the Three Traditions of Early Modern Design.- Art and Artifice in the Depiction of Renaissance Machines.- The Limits of Pictures: Cognitive Functions of Images in Practical Mechanics - 1400 to 1600.- Reframing the Language of Inventions: The First Theatre of Machines.- Alchemical Iconography at the Dawn of the Modern Age: The Splendor solis of Salomon Trismosin.- The Invention of Atomist Iconography.- Image and Text in Natural History, 1500 - 1700.- Notes on the Function of Early Zoological Imagery.- Elephant, Mammoth, Unicorn, or What: Notes on the Interrelations of Pictures and Texts in Leibniz.- Planetary Diagrams - Descriptions, Models, Theories: From Carolingian Deployments to Copernican Debates.- Images, Models and Symbols in Copernican Propaganda.- Edmond Halley and Visual Representation in Natural Philosophy.- Encyclopedias and Architecture in the Sixteenth Century.

It is an extremely expensive paperback book. I could find no copies under £100 ($200). Sadly, Glasgow University Library, which I visit often, does not hold a copy.


Alan Pritchard

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 Posted: Thu Apr 3rd, 2008 07:12 pm
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COPAC is your friend ( There are a number of UK libraries (BL, Durham, Leeds, etc) that have it, so Glasgow should be able to get it on ILL. If you just wanted the signle article, then you could try the Wellcome.


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