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New books & articles on alchemy
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Alan Pritchard

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 Posted: Wed Mar 5th, 2008 02:22 pm
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I have selected some of the more academic works that have appeared in the latest updates to my bibliography. I have excluded Kessinger reprints and psychology material, for example) The full list (about 135 itemS) of new items is at

'New' in this context means new to the bibliography. I have provided only brief details. Fuller information (including abstracts or urls) can be found at the page above.
I would welcome some feedback on whether this feature is useful.

Khadem, H.S. El. A translation of a Zosimos' text in an Arabic alchemy book. J Wash Acad Sci 84(3) Sep 1996, 168-178.
Neagu, Cristina. The Processus sub forma missae: Christian alchemy, identity and identification. Archaeus. Etudes d'histoire des Religions 4(1-2) 2000, 105-117

Williams, Theodore Trenn. Five and fifty: a proposed solution to "The Virgin" name riddle in the Rosicrucian document, The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. Rose+Croix J 3 2006, 129-138

Roos, Anna Marie. Johann Heinrich Cohausen (16651750), salt iatrochemistry, and theories of longevity in his satire, Hermippus Redivivus (1742). Med Hist 51(2) 2007, 181-200
The Ancient texts of the Golden Rosicrucians, Volume I Book I: The Rosicrucian Exposed [Der Rosenkreuzer in seiner Blosse] Book II: The Laws of the Fraternity of the Rosie Cross. Edited by Darcy Küntz; translated from the German by W.J. Songhurst; the Greek translated by Adam Forrest; and the Latin by John Michael Greer. Austin (TX): Golden Dawn Research Trust, 2007. 192p

[size= ]Valentine, Basil. Twelve Keys of Basilius Valentinus; edited by Philip Wheeler. CreateSpace, 2007. 66p.
 Lintaut, Henri de. Friend of the Dawn: how to make the philosopher's stone using animated metallic mercury and gold or silver. Translated by Wilson Wheatcroft, India, 1982. Philip Wheeler.
 Schwartz, Hillel. Sun and Salt, 1500-1700.  Diogenes 30 1982, 26-41
Debus, Allen George. Scientific truth and occult tradition: the medical world of Ebenezer Sibly (1751-1799). Med Hist 26(3) 1982, 259-278
Pagel, Walter and Pyarali Rattansi. Vesalius and Paracelsus. Med Hist 8(4) 1964, 309-328
Walsh, James Joseph. Pope John XXII and the supposed Bull forbidding chemistry. Med Lib Hist J 3(4) Oct 1905, 248-263
McVaugh, Michael R. Chemical medicine in the medical writings of Arnau de Vilanova.  Arxiu de Textos Catalans Antics (23-24) 2005, 239-264

Ziegler, Joseph. Alchemy in Practica summaria: a footnote to Michael Mcvaugh's contribution. Arxiu de Textos Catalans Antics (23-24) 2005, 265-267

Grell, Ole Peter. The reception of Paracelsianism in early modem Lutheran Denmark: from Peter Severinus, the Dane, to Ole Worm. Med Hist 39(1) 1995, 78-94
Bresner, Lisa and Jennifer Curtiss Gage.
The Fathers of Sinology: from the Ricci method to Léon Wieger's remedies. Diogenes 45(2 (178)) Summer 1997, 107-124
Wheeler, Philip. The Betty story: a chronicle of a modern-day alchemical experiment. CreateSpace, 2007

Le Bouter, Emmanuel. The two marriages in alchemy.  Rose+Croix J 4 2007
Muschg, Adolf. The question of the Holy Grail; translated by Jeanne Ferguson. Diogenes 37 1989, 21-36
Matarasso, Michael. In praise of double sexuality in the Thousand and One Nights: the geste of Boudour: an anthropological approach; Translated by R. Scott Walker. Diogenes 30 1982, 12-48

Koenigsberger, Dorothy. Leben des Benvenuto Cellini: Goethe, Cellini and transformation. Europ Hist Q 22 1992, 7-37
[size= ]
Yearsley, David. Alchemy and counterpoint in an Age of Reason. J Amer Musicol Soc 51(2) Jul 1998, 201-243
[size= ]
Carr, Stephen. Doing queer theology in The Garden: Derek Jarman and Christianity. Theology Sexuality 8 1998, 9-26
[size= ]Patterson, Lee. Perpetual motion: alchemy and the technology of the Self. In: Studies in the age of Chaucer, vol 15, ed. Lisa J. Kiser. (Columbus (OH): New Chaucer Society, 1993), 25-57
 Brodie, Alexander. Hodge of Ware and Geber's Cook: wordplay in the 'Manciple's Prologue'. Neuphil Mitteil 72 1971, 62-68
[size= ]
Kensak, Michael. What ails Chaucers' Cook? Spiritual alchemy and the ending of The Canterbury Tales. Philol Q 80(3) 2001, 213- (19p.)
Giordano, Michael J. Reverse transformation: Béroalde de Verville's parody of Paracelsus in Le Moyen de parvenir: an alchemical language of skepticism in the French Baroque. Renaissance Q 56(1) Spring 2003, 88-137
Erasmus, Desiderius. Erasmus on alchemy; by William B. Jensen. Bull Hist Chem 31 2006, 58-65

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