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In the year of 1680 in Ljubljana (Laibach) in Habsburg province of Carniola Johannes Frederic von Rain published his alchemical work Praeservativum Universale Naturale /…/. (I wrote more about Johannes Frederic von Rain and his book in the topic Alchemy in Carniola: short description).The Rain's book itself was a response to the same-titled tract of Chezch doctor and alchemist Jan Jacobus Wenceslaus Dobrzensky de Nigro Ponte. Dobrzensky's tract (which is indeed very short) is in fact the tract on transmission of contagious illnesses through human saliva. However, Dobrzensky expressed doubt into Lapis Philosophorum and sort of mocked alchemy which stirred Rain to the outraged response.

However, the controversy or debate went on for some years with alchemists and scholars choosing the side either of Rain or Dobrzensky. This part of alchemy’s history is quite little known.

I would be glad on whatever information about Rain-Dobrzensky controversy/debate, be it about Rain or Dobrzensky or about the debate itself. I would appreciate academic articles or information in the books as well as whatever other sources.

Thank you in advance!

With best wishes,

Andraz Zvab

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