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Alchemy discussion forum > Bibliography > New books about alchemy > ALCHEMY AND THE FIRST DEGREE OF CRAFT FREEMASONRY

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Paul Ferguson

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 Posted: Fri Dec 26th, 2014 11:51 am
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Mr. [Paul] Hardacre was invited to present a talk on Freemasonry and its relationship to Alchemy...This intriguing presentation resulted in a privately issued booklet. With little more than 8,000 words typeset and fully referenced with footnotes and bibliography, this perfectly bound little gem includes full color cover artwork."

The following is an excerpt from pages 17 and 18 of the lecture:

Not only is Nature – “with its diverse herbs, roots, barks, minerals and metals” – the “mother of us all,” but she is also the “greatest alchemist of all.” She has all of time to complete the process of evolution which is constantly unfolding around us like a symphony. The alchemist seeks to assist in this evolution utilizing Nature’s own laws and methods. Alchemy does not recognize stability in the matter found in the realms of nature, positing instead that “in nature, nothing but change is stable, and nature itself represents a constantly occurring alchemy.” Alchemy can be considered as “a medium to helping the restoration of natural violations and to help nature attain its predestined state for all of its manifestations, that of perfection . . . As nature requires a certain period of time for the production of her specimen, so does the alchemist in his laboratory only in relatively shorter intervals.” In short, “in the Laboratory, the alchemist can demonstrate Nature’s Laws at work and can speed the processes up.” Informed by the ancient alchemical dictum Ora et Labora – or, work and pray – the alchemist labors “primarily for the benefit of mankind.” The laboratory is both “a temple and an oratory” wherein the alchemist labors, concocting secretly from herbs and metals potent medicines to help heal the sick and restore normal body functions. "The laboratory provides [the alchemist] with some powerful tools for accomplishing the Great Work.” Working towards the production of medicines affecting not only the physical being, but the soul and sport, the alchemist “is strongly linked to the material operated upon." The proper state of mind is essential for the successful confection of these “initiatic medicines.”

Order from Salamander at:

sons AT

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